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The Maids

ALL THE WAY: 1963. Lyndon B. Johnson has been catapulted into the most powerful job on earth. No stranger to back room deals, Johnson takes us with him—flattering, backslapping, placating and bullying as he maneuvers to pass the groundbreaking Civil Rights Act. From Martin Luther King, Jr. to George Wallace, some of America’s most dynamic leaders stand beside him—or against him—during this tumultuous time, captured vividly in the Tony Award-winning Broadway hit. Directed by Marc Masterson. The cast includes: Matthew Arkin (Stanley Levison/Rep. John McCormack/Michael “Mickey” Schwerner/Seymore Trammell/Tailor/Rev. Edwin King/FBI Agent/Reporter/Television Announcer), Hugo Armstrong (President Lyndon Baines Johnson), 	Larry Bates (Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr), Jordan Bellow (Bob Moses/David Dennis), ​Robert Curtis Brown (J. Edgar Hoover/Sen. Robert Byrd), JD Cullum (Sen. Hubert Humphrey), ​​Gregg Daniel (Roy Wilkins/Shoe Shiner/Aaron Henry), Nike Doukas (Lady Bird Johnson/Katharine Graham/Rep. Katharine St. George/Reporter), ​​Bo Foxworth (Robert McNamara/Sen. James Eastland/Rep.William Moore McCulloch/Barber/Gov. Paul B. Johnson Jr./Network Correspondent), Lynn Gallagher (Lurleen Wallace/Muriel Humphrey/Secretary/ Woman/Nurse/New Orleans Announcer), Christian Henley (James Harrison/Stokely Carmichael/James Earl Chaney/MFDP Leader), Hal Landon Jr. (Sen. Strom Thurmond/Sen. Everett Dirksen/Network Correspondent), Tracey A. Leigh (Coretta Scott King/Fannie Lou Hamer), Jeff Marlow (Gov. George Wallace/Rep. James Corman/Walter Reuther/FBI Agent), Rosney Mauger (Rev. Ralph Abernathy/Butler), William Francis McGuire (Cartha “Deke” Deloach/Rep. Howard “Judge” Smith/Gov. Carl Sanders/Sen. Mike Mansfield/Andrew Goodman), Larry John Meyers (Sen. Richard Russell/Rep. Emaunel Celler/Deputy Cecil Ray Price/King of Norway), and 	Darin Singleton (Walter Jenkins/Rep. William Colmer).

All The Way


Peter and the Starcatcher


Two Trains Running

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival. 2016. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Adapted by Penny Metropulos and Linda Alper. Directed by Penny Metropulos. Scenic Design: Collette Pollard. Costume Design: Deborah M. Dryden. Lighting Design: Jaymi Lee Smith. Composer and Sound Designer: Andre J. Pluess. Dramaturg: Alan Armstrong. Voice and Text Director: David Carey. Fight Director: Christopher DuVal. Photo: Jenny Graham.

Great Expectations




Peter and the Starcatcher

The Nether - Alley Theatre - Photographer Lynn Lane-12

The Nether


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